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Fliegen oder Fallen – Interactive 3D-Sound Music Video

With „Fliegen oder Fallen“ (Fly or Fall), m!co presents the first chapter of his EP „Vogelkäfig“ (Birdcage), which will be released in 2023.

In his work, Paul Cybulska explores the importance of 3D audio for music video. To this end, he collaborated with the Berlin-based artist m!co and produced an interactive film with two narrative threads that the user can switch between at any time.

This is the world’s first interactive music video with 3D sound…

The project experiments with the interplay of visual effects and three-dimensional sound. With the help of object-based sound production, an immersive sound experience was created. In the Dolby Atmos sound mix, instruments, voices and sound effects were placed spatially and react to visual stimuli. The user is thus drawn deeper into the events of the song, creating a tightly knit audiovisual experience with an emotional story.

Rick: Omar Obeid
Vanessa: Silvia Maria Schwarz

Additional Cast: Alessandro Nania Pacino, Dana Steele, Dominic Deus, Elisabeth Schmidt, Kai Kubasiak, Marc Bernhardt, Mico Wuppermann, Namir Jazmati, Rebecca Peuschel

Artist: m!co
Director: Paul Cybulska
DOP: Fabius Kriele
Music & Sound Design: Kai Dann
Mix & Master: Luka Barajević
Producer: Paul Cybulska, Mico Wuppermann
Production Assistant: Alexander Stolz
Hair & Makeup: Janina Preininger
Editor & Colorist: Paul Cybulska
Assistant Director & Boom Operator: Alexander Stolz, Nik Azad
Gaffer: Fabius Kriele
Lighting Engineer: Sven Keufner
Prop Designer: Cornela Wuppermann
Driver: Alfred Cybulska
Technical Support: Kevin Gerngross
Police Equipment: LEON Actionteam

Special Thanks to: Aneeyat Gardezi, Marlon Eduardo Da Silva Victório, DIE WEISSE ROSE
Supervisor: Prof. Andreas Ingerl, Henning Bauschulte
Atmos Mix at: Retox Studio




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