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My series VISIONS was selected by an international expert jury into the top 50 finalists of the Hahnemühle Student Photo Competition 2019.

Humanity strives for optimization and perfection. Rapid technological development is shaping our society faster than any other. Every technical improvement drives exponential growth.

While Google’s subsidiary Calico is researching the constant prolongation of human life, we wear electronic aids on our bodies every day to improve ourselves further.

Will technology help us grow into a being that can conquer disease, hunger and war until we reach immortality? Or do our descendants grow up in a gloomy dystopian society where we lose our humanity forever?

This series examines future scenarios in which we can immerse ourselves in futuristic worlds. It shows a technological environment and architecture that we only know from science fiction films. The depiction of the protagonists and the partly mysterious staging lend an isolated character.
The inspiration for the created works comes from role models and imprints from films, or are of free origin.

How society changes and develops in the future remains open, but we are all able to influence it. Above all through technical progress.



Still Life Photography